My Services

After working in the publishing industry for nearly a decade, I believe that editing is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Every project is unique, and has its own set of strengths and challenges. My services are designed to meet those individual needs in a process that blends traditional editing with the support of a writing coach and publishing consultant. Over the years, my contact with agents and publishers has given me insight into what it takes to be a successful author, whether your goal is traditional or indie publishing. I’m thrilled to apply that industry knowledge to help you bring your best work to your readers.



Full Manuscript Evaluation 

This service is designed to give you a clear sense of your novel’s strengths, weaknesses, and readiness for publication. It’s a great option if you’re not ready to invest in a deep developmental edit, and you’d like to gauge your novel’s prospects before submitting or self-publishing. You may choose to receive this feedback via a critique letter (5-7 pages), or a phone conference with overview notes. This service does not include comments within the manuscript. Cost: Based on word count & level of editing needed; please contact me for a quote.


Full MS Developmental Edit  

If you’re looking for a deeper examination of your manuscript, a developmental edit is the way to go. With this package you will receive an extensive editorial letter (8-12 pages) addressing all of the major fiction elements such as character, voice, pacing, and plot. You’ll also receive detailed comments throughout the manuscript via Track Changes in Word. Note that this is not copyediting so the comments will focus on the “big picture”—not individual sentence structure, grammar, or punctuation, though I will make general comments about these if I see issues. Developmental edits include a one-hour phone or Skype conference to discuss your questions and revision ideas.  Cost: Based on word count & level of editing needed. When contacting me for a quote, please include a query letter or brief informal summary, the word count, and the first 15 pages of your manuscript.


Full MS Line Edit 

Line editing is a separate step applied after big-picture issues have been ironed out; in other words, once the foundation of the story is sound. I help you fix awkward constructions, smooth out your paragraph and sentence flow, and achieve the right balance of scene and exposition (often referred to as showing versus telling). I’ll point out issues and offer suggestions for fixing them without compromising your writing voice. In essence, this is a line-by-line edit to improve readability and help you achieve a professional tone to your writing. It is not the same as copy editing or proofreading, which are your final steps to correct any remaining grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes and catch typos. While I do not offer those services, I am happy to recommend colleagues who do excellent work. Cost: Based on word count & level of editing needed; please contact me for a quote.




Partial Manuscript Edit

This service can help you gauge whether your novel starts out on the right foot and contains a strong story arc. You may choose to have me work on only one section of your novel, OR we can set up an incremental editing project for your novel-in-progress, where I give you feedback on each section of the manuscript as you complete it. Cost: $275 for each 50-page section; a standard page is 250 words.


Double-Pass Query Letter or Synopsis Critique

During my time at a top literary agency, I read an average of 25-30,000 submissions a year. Yes, really! Faced with those odds, it takes a lot of skill and a dash of magic to stand out in the slush pile, and that’s where your query letter comes in. It’s like a cover letter for the job everyone wants. With this service, I teach you how to take your query to that level. It includes a second round of feedback at no additional charge, where I look at your revised version and confirm whether you have hit the mark.

Many agents also require a synopsis. This service helps you craft a final draft that is clear, succinct, and professional. As with query letters, it includes a second pass at no additional charge. Cost: $95 for query / $125 for synopsis


Get Past the Gatekeeper Package 

Agents and publishers receive thousands of submissions per year. Will yours stand out from the crowd? This package gives you a safe space to test-drive your submission and determine if it’s truly ready for an agent’s eyes. It includes a single-pass critique of your query letter and synopsis, and an evaluation of your first ten pages. I’ll point out issues that could cause an agent to stop reading, and tell you how to fix them. Cost: $225




Agent Search Consulting 

Have you been receiving form rejection letters and wonder why you’re not capturing agents’ attention? Or maybe you’re getting ready to submit your work but don’t know where to start? Thanks to my network and background in the publishing community, I can help you target the agents or publishers that are most likely to connect with your novel. After an initial consultation by phone or email to determine your goals, you’ll receive the following:

  • A list of target agents and/or publishers and why I think they’re a good fit
  • Detailed information on how to submit your work
  • Advice on how to make your project stand out in the slush pile


Be aware that this service does not guarantee an agent relationship or publishing deal; it aims to make your submissions more effective. For this project I will need to see a polished set of submissions materials (query letter, synopsis, and first 10 pages). Please contact me for more information and to determine if you are ready for this step.


Publishing Q&A Session 

A one-hour Skype or phone conference that gives you the chance to ask everything you’ve wanted to know about getting an agent, the submissions process, deciding whether to traditionally publish or self publish, and more. Cost: $75


Other Options

Perhaps you don’t see exactly what you need in the list above, or you’d like feedback on specific aspects of your manuscript only. Problems with pacing? Characters feeling flat? Plot spinning out of control? I’m happy to tailor a project to fit your needs and budget. Just send me a brief description of what you are looking for and I’ll tell you how I can help.